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171. "나의 교회가 어지러워질 것이다."
DIVINE APPEAL 172. "My Church will be obfuscated."  성스러운 호소 171. "나의 교회가 어지러워질 것이다."  "My daughter, pray a great deal and cloister souls in your heart. My daughter, My Church will be obfuscated. The souls consecrated to Me hurl torrents of blasphemies and lies against the Church. Many of them have rejected Me and they only believe in malicious work." "나의 딸아, 아주 많이 기도하며 사람들을 네 마음속에 가두어라. 나의 딸아, 나의 교회가 어지러워질 것이다. 사람들이 비난을 급류처
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170. "나는 누구도 지옥에 떨어지는 것을 원치 않는다."
DIVINE APPEAL 171. "I do not want anyone to perish."  성스러운 호소 170. "나는 누구도 지옥에 떨어지는 것을 원치 않는다."  "My daughter, pray a great deal. Do not be afraid and do not doubt. The evil one is ever roaming labouring hard against My salvation and power. I know his malice. I call you to pray a great deal and give Me your company. I pour My tears of blood over mankind. "나의 딸아, 아주 많이 기도해라. 두려워하지 말며 의심하지 마라. 악한 것이 여전히 내가 구원하려는 힘에 대항해서 열심
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169. "내가 나타날 때 나는 자비의 보화를 사람들의 영혼속에 쏟아 붓겠다."
DIVINE APPEAL 170. "As I am exposed I will pour the treasures of My Mercy into human souls."  성스러운 호소 169. "내가 나타날 때 나는 자비의 보화를 사람들의 영혼속에 쏟아 붓겠다."  "Pray, My daughter and watch with Me in these dark and terrible hours. In the Sacrament of My Love you are a victim. I am present in the Consecrated Host in each and every particle. It is Me, the one who "It is Me who was dead. I now live forever." "기도해라. 나의 딸아, 그리고 이 어둡고 무서운 시간에 나와 함께 깨어 있자. 나
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168. "나는 온갖 종류의 신성모독에 갈기갈기 찟어졌다."
DIVINE APPEAL 169. "I am pierced by sacrileges of all kinds."  성스러운 호소 168. "나는 온갖 종류의 신성모독에 갈기갈기 찢어졌다."  "My daughter, listen to Me. Pray more and heed My words. I come here to seek shelter. My Divine Sacrament is profaned, abused and blasphemed so much. I spill tears of blood for all this corruption and almost all of mankind is destroyed by the devil. "나의 딸아, 내 말을 잘 들어라. 더욱 더 기도하고 내 말을 새겨 두어라. 나는 피난처를 찾아 여기에 왔다. 나의 성스러운
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167. "너에게 받아쓰게 하겠다."
DIVINE APPEAL 168. "I dictate to you."  성스러운 호소 167. "너에게 받아쓰게 하겠다."  "Listen to Me, My daughter. Do not be afraid of writing down My words. I, Myself, dictate to you. You cannot put anything down by yourself. Slowly by slowly you will see the results. Do not be amazed to see your faculties alight. For the sake of souls, keep silent, as though you are picking a flower for Me. I love you to the point of doing good for the souls of mankind. I want you to be full of indulgence and compassion for lost souls. Take care of them through your pr
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166. "목이 마르다."
DIVINE APPEAL 167. "I am thirsty."  성스러운 호소 166. "목이 마르다."  "My daughter, listen to My cry. Do not let it be enough to pray at certain times. I ask you to ray and I beg you not to grow faint. I call you today to strive with diligence. I want you in the holy habit of praying. Behold the very dawn found Me at prayer. Even in My labours. I lifted Myself to My Eternal father. Everywhere you will find difficulties, outside and within, both secret and in the open. When you are tempted, do not be shaken." "나의 딸아, 나의 외침을 잘 들어
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165. "아주 형언할 수 없을 정도로 혐오스러운 것들이..."
DIVINE APPEAL 166. "All nameless abominations are committed against Me in the lonely days and long hours of thirst."  성스러운 호소 165. "아주 형언할 수 없을 정도로 혐오스러운 것들이..." "My daughter, pray a great deal. I want you to repair for the souls in peril. I come here to seek shelter. My grief is for the many souls consecrated to Me who always leave Me deserted and they never believe in My presence in the Eucharist. All nameless abominations are committed against Me in the lonely days and long hours of thirst. "나의 딸아, 아주 많
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164. "나는 나의 피로 그들의 모든 죄를 씻어주기를 목이 타도록 갈망한다."
DIVINE APPEAL 165. "I thirst, longing to cleanse all their sins in My Blood."  성스러운 호소 164. "나는 나의 피로 그들의 모든 죄를 씻어주기를 목이 타도록 갈망한다."  "My daughter, pray a great deal and cloister souls in your heart. It is My great love for mankind that keeps Me a prisoner in the tabernacles. From My Divine Mercy I instituted the Sacraments of penance so that I may forgive souls not for a time but as often as they need to recover grace; (57) there I thirst, longing to cleanse all their sins in My Blood. "나의 딸
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163. "나의 신성은 성스러운 성체안에 존재한다."
DIVINE APPEAL 164. "My Divinity is present in the Consecrated Host"  성스러운 호소 163. "나의 신성은 성스러운 성체안에 존재한다." "My daughter, listen to my words. My Divinity and humanity is with you. I now call you into My Divine Mercy which I expose in My Holy Sacrament of Love. Pray a great deal and contemplate the vastness of My Divine Mercy towards mankind I embrace all. I cast off no-one from Me. My great love for mankind keeps Me a prisoner in the tabernacles waiting and thirsting for all sinners. I offer them sufficient grace for their conver
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162. "나는 사람들이 회개하기를 바란다."
DIVINE APPEAL 163. "I want mankind to repent."  성스러운 호소 162. "나는 사람들이 회개하기를 바란다."  "My daughter, listen. I want mankind to repent and to know the seriousness of the state of this earth and the inexhorable justice of God, if they do not pray and heed My Words given from My Divine Mercy. A great punishment will befall mankind. You must pray a great deal." "나의 딸아, 잘 들어라. 사람들이 회개하지 않고, 이 지구의 심각한 상태, 그리고 신성한 자비에서 우러나오는 나의 말을 유념하지
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161. "교회때문에 내가 괴로워하고 있다."
DIVINE APPEAL 162. "I agonise over My Church’  성스러운 호소 161. "교회때문에 내가 괴로워하고 있다."  "My daughter, I am bleeding from pain and My Heart is torn into pieces by this sinful mankind. In the frontline, My own….. almost all of mankind abuse and insult Me in prison of My tabernacle where I dwell for the great love of mankind. I have been in desolation for a long time. "나의 딸아, 내가 고통스럽게 피를 흘리고 있으며, 내 마음은 이 죄많은 사람들 때문에 갈기갈기 찢어졌다. 거의 모든 사람
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160. "나는 아무도 거절하지 않는다."
DIVINE APPEAL 161. "I refuse nothing."  성스러운 호소 160. "나는 아무도 거절하지 않는다."  "My daughter, pray a great deal; I want sinners to be converted. I shed tears of blood because the majority of priests have degraded the nobility of their ministry through living in superficiality and they have denied what I am to them. I am abused and blasphemed by many through them. Everlasting ages are mine. My Eternal Father’s Justice will be inexorable. I have come to exhort sinners to change their lives. The hour is drawing near. Pray a great deal." 
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159. "지구가 산산히 부서질 것이다."
DIVINE APPEAL 160. "The earth is crumbling"  성스러운 호소 159. "지구가 산산히 부서질 것이다."  "My daughter, I speak to you. I am using you to warn souls before it is too late. The earth is crumbling like quicksand. In the centre of My Church more than ever satan is marching in order to get rid of all souls. He stalks the world with fury, maddening and capturing souls. I implore you to speak to everyone even though they do not believe you. My hand will be very severe with those priests who have abused Me and do not believe in My words of Mercy to man
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158. "내 마음은 자비로 넘쳐 흐른다."
DIVINE APPEAL 159. "My Heart is overflowing with Mercy."  성스러운 호소 158. "내 마음은 자비로 넘쳐 흐른다."  "My daughter, listen. Pray more earnestly. Bring Me souls in your prayers. I come to seek shelter. In your fears and troubles, My Sacrament of Love should impart the grace of perseverance. "나의 딸아, 잘 들어라. 더욱 성실하게 기도해라. 네 기도중에 사람들을 나에게 데려와라. 내가 피난처를 찾아 여기에 왔다. 네가 무서워하고 혼란한 가운데 나의 사랑의 성체는 구원의 자비를
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157. "그들은 내가 힘없이 쓰러지도록 여러번 나를 밀어뜨린다."
DIVINE APPEAL 158. "Many times they push Me and let Me fall on the ground helpless."  성스러운 호소 157. "그들은 내가 힘없이 쓰러지도록 여러번 나를 밀어뜨린다." "My daughter, I thirst for souls. I am infinite Mercy. Do not leave Me alone. Look at My numbed and wounded body caused by the souls I love so much. Day and night, I wait for souls to visit Me in My prison. "나의 딸아, 나는 사람들을 목마르게 갈망한다. 나는 무한한 자비이다. 나를 혼자 두고 떠나가지 마라. 내가 매우 사랑하는 사람들 때
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- Missio Agni Dei - "Adore My Divine Sacrament and offer it to My Eternal Father, so that it may serve the salvation of souls." (Divine Appeal 34)
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