영문 3판 note
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영문 3판  note
 Divine Appeal 1

1. Modern communism the doctrine of community ownership of property is basically atheistic. As an ideology a dominant ideal of a few dominating individuals it has allied with Freemasons to subvert Catholic Church. Cf. Divine Appeal 20.
Divine Appeal 10
2. The word "stalks" used here indicates Satan’s free reign. He goes about in an imposing manner without challenge, "maddening and capturing souls. " Christians must confront him with a life of ceaseless prayer, charity, humility and frequent reception of the sacraments.
Divine Appeal 14
3. The statement is not clear, but in the light of Divine Appeals of 28th June and 7th July 1988, "will be demolished" would seem to be the conclusion.
3b In connection with disaster and sin, see also Divine Appeal of 21st July 1988. This is not to say that physical disaster is always the effect of sin but here the Lord attributes the coming catastrophe to the wickedness of the world. It is permitted to happen as a punishment for immoral life.
Divine Appeal 17
4. "Do not lose your precious time in unkind conversations. " fruitless communications. This is a important piece of spiritual advice for those interested in spiritual growth.
Divine Appeal 18
5. "With all the force of God" would entail God’s ability to effect a change in the situation by His omnipotence, wisdom and love.
6. Although the Church and state have long been separated, the Lord who is the Prince of Peace still talks about the political situation in Italy and the consequences of their godless acts. The Red Brigades are specifically mentioned here.
Divine Appeal 20
7. On the effects of modernisation. *
Divine Appeal 21
8. The devil acts as if his freedom is limitless; this is an "exaggerated freedom. " In the circles of the godless, he acts freely and so would appear to have "limitless freedom. " The truth is his freedom is limited.
9. Heb. 10:31 makes the same observation: "It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the Living God. "
10. "Him" refers to Sr. Anna Ali’s Father-Founder, His Grace, the Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, who is also the young girls spiritual director.
Divine Appeal 24
11. See a similar havoc caused by the evil one in the manuscript of 20th December 1987. Sr. Anna was healed of a disease which plagued her fingers. Archbishop Milingo prayed on her in Kenya in 1983 and she recovered. While writing the message, those fingers began to bleed profusely, thus preventing her from writing what the Lord had dictated to her. In this particular message, the Lord is referring to this satanic attack. See Manuscript of 20th December, 1987, DA 24.
Divine Appeal 26
12. Luke 19:10
Divine Appeal 27
13. Every Thursday, there is the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in all the religious communities founded by His Grace, Archbishop Milingo. The spiritual exercise begins with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist first thing in the morning. This is followed by Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament throughout the day. The exercise concludes with Benediction. The "Mass of Atonement" referred to here is connected with these spiritual exercises. They have become Characteristic Spirituality of Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo’s religious groups and Foundations. The Lord said to Sr. Anna: "I implore to be exposed at least once a week…. . " DA of 18/1/88.
Divine Appeal 28
14. Mt. 7:13-14
15. The reader should note here what the Lord says are the causes of evil; "pride and egoism. " They are also the causes of self and corporate destruction.
Divine Appeal 29
16. Acts 4:12
Divine Appeal 30
17. Shepherds of the flock….
Divine Appeal 31
18. On militant atheism, see Divine Appeal, 15th November, 1987.
19. A reference to Anna Ali’s mental state while she writes Cf. Divine Appeal, 5th July, 19888.
Divine Appeal 32
20. Cf. Divine Appeal 2nd July, 1988; on the diabolical infestations, see also 24th October, 1988.
21. To save the world under the dominion of sin and satan, the Lord calls for prayer see Divine Appeal, 14th November, 1988.
Divine Appeal 33
22. Luke 21:36; Gen. 6:6-7
Divine Appeal 35
23. I Heb. 10:31
Divine Appeal 38
24. Messages from 15th, 20th November, 1987 are not included.
Divine Appeal 40
25. "I am the Lord of Revelation" see Divine Appeal, 19th September 1987.
Divine Appeal 45
26. On the spiritual state of young people, see also Divine Appeal, 13th October 1987. Over and over again our Lord complains that "so many from their childhood years are heading to perdition…. . through fault of their parents…. . "
Divine Appeal 47
27. Penance involves contrition, a resolution to amend one’s life and confession. In case of imminent death and without the possibility of a priest for the administration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, contrition for sins committed is sufficient.
Divine Appeal 50
28. The miracle of salvation in the midst of the hopeless state of mankind which will be achieved by God’s everlasting love.
Divine Appeal 51
29. "The Freemasons are executing themselves with their own hands. " This statement may appear harsh but the judgement is based on the view that inevitable consequences of the conscious rejection of Christ is condemnation.
30. "…. . attentive to him," refers to Sr. Anna Ali’s spiritual Father.
Divine Appeal 59
31. Take note of the two motives for conversion: conversion "because of perdition" and conversion "because of love. " The first is not generally encouraged but in the circumstances, it would seem that the Lord knows that it will serve his purpose. The second is the only genuine reason for conversion.
32. "I am very sad…" see Divine appeal, 12th January, 1988.
33. There is no message on 1st January, 1988
Divine Appeal 67
34. Ps. 121:4. "The protector of Israel never dozes or sleeps. "
Divine Appeal 70
34a Heb. 10:31
Divine Appeal 71
35. "I implore to be exposed" ? a request for the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. "
36. John 12:32. He does not draw anyone against His will. They are only drawn to Christ if they themselves wish it.
Divine Appeal 72
37. "With their own hands they are executing themselves," see Divine Appeal, 11th December, 1987.
Divine Appeal 73
38. "This work…. . for…. . conversion of souls," Here, the Lord proposes a solution to this painful scandal ? the abuse of the Holy Eucharist. There should be a movement dedicated to praying and atoning.
Divine Appeal 74
39. Invitations to grace Is. 55:1-2; Prov. 9:5; Jn. 7:37.
Divine Appeal 75
40. Heb. 10:31
Divine Appeal 85
41. The Lord wishes the formation of a "League of Love to publish His "Love and Mercy. "
Divine Appeal 118
42. See also Divine Appeal, 13th February, 1988
43. See Divine Appeal, 10th January 1988. Here, Our Lord states that He makes Himself visible to "save lost souls. " In this message He states that He makes Himself visible to give "warnings of mercy," which basically is the same intention.
Divine Appeal 121
44. The warnings are given that we might be saved: "I give My warnings because I love mankind. " God does not threaten as man does: He threatens to save Dt. 30:15-20.
Divine Appeal 122
45. Cf. Numbers 23:19; Is. 49:14-16
Divine Appeal 127
46. According to Sr. Anna, the Lord often took her in spirit to several empty churches where she adored Him in the tabernacle. She had never been to those churches before then. I could then understand her long periods of "sleep" during her time in the house at Zagarolo.
Divine Appeal 128
47. Magiste dicit. This Message contains more warnings. The seriousness of the issues involve warrant. It is a call for repentance.
Divine Appeal 131
48. This complain is to be found in other Messages. It is one of the causes of Our Lord’s agony.
Divine Appeal 134
49. God is Power and Might Dt. 5:24-29; 11:3
Divine Appeal 138
50. scripture points to his malevolent acts. He is a totally depraved personality. Eph. 2:2-3; Col. 1:13, "roaming around like a roaring lion" I Pt. 5:8; a murderer and a liar. An. 8:44-47
Divine Appeal 144
51 This message is also contained in Divine Appeal, 10th January 1988 and 5th July, 1988.
Divine Appeal 147
52. One of the references to the Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary. The Lord may be referring to her numerous apparitions and messages in modern times.
Divine Appeal 151
53. The notebook does not have the customary address in this message of 24th May, 1988.
Divine Appeal 152
54. A reference to Sr. Anna’s long sufferings ? effusion of tears of blood. The Lord states Sr. Anna’s vocation: "I have chosen you as a victim to kneel before Me on earth in order to pray. "
Divine Appeal 159
55. Cf. Divine Appeals, 28th June 1988 and 22nd May 1988.
Divine Appeal 164
56. We are reminded here of the Power of God, that He brings good out of evil.
Divine Appeal 165
57. See same lesson in Mt. 18:21-35.
58. Heb. 1:1-2.
Divine Appeal 171
59. Cf. Divine Appeal, 7th June. 1988.
Divine Appeal 174
60. A special appeal to priests: "I am their Brother and Eternal Priest. "
Divine Appeal 177
61. It is not clear why Sr. Anna wrote this statement in capital letters. Knowing that she writes under the impulse of Divine Presence see Divine Appeal, 27th October 1987, the statement would appear to have serious implications. The Lord highlights a point here to be pondered upon. The subject of perdition come up over and again in other revelations Cf. Divine Appeal, 13th May, 1988.
Divine Appeal 178
62. This statement reminds us of Micah’s thoughts regarding the Lord’s compassionate love; "There is no other god like you…. . you do not stay angry forever but you take pleasure in showing us your constant love. " Micah 7:18-19.
Divine Appeal 181
63. It is not clear what happened here. The messages end abruptly as if Sr. Anna was interrupted. It would seem that that was what happened. Sr. Anna often complained about the harm which certain interruptions caused her during moments of prayer. It is for this reason that she often pleaded to be left alone in her room. This interruption, which was something caused by her novice mistress at their convent in Zagarolo, made Sr. Anna move to the Community’s house in Milan on 16th August 1989 where she stayed until 7th October 1989. She stayed at their residence in Porta Angelica, Rome one her arrival on 10th October 1989. It was here she had her initial experiences of the Blessed Host and Jesus in tears of blood, the previous year.
On my visit from London to Zagarolo on 4th May 1991, she was there. She was permitted to live in Zagarolo in order to have a better environment for her prayers.
Divine Appeal 182
64. The editor is responsible for the incomplete sentences. This is to avoid issues which do not enter into the subject-matter of the entire text, namely, the Holy Eucharist.
Divine Appeal 185
65. Note here that the Lord connects the appearance of all sorts of incurable diseases, violence and the worst ? perdition ? to the presence of sin in the world. The Bible does not always connect sin and sickness Jn. 9:2; it surely connects sin and perdition Rom. 6:23;Jn. 5:14 but it is evident that immorality can cause some kind of mental and bodily disease. We need not belabour the point for we are part of the history that is experiencing for example, the effects of diseases of our time which are due to the recklessness in the use of sex.
Divine Appeal 186
66. This message does not have the customary blessing of the Lord which we have at the end of each revelation. In this revelation there is a serious complaint by the Lord; the devil is using "souls to capture souls" and some of those entrusted with the welfare of souls are leading these same souls to perdition.
Divine Appeal 187
67. A careful study of these revelations show that although there are repetitions occurring every now and again, there is always, however, a new message given at each apparition. Here, for example, Our Lord talks about the degrees of His suffering during His crucifixion: "sweat of blood trickled down His Face. "
Divine Appeal 188
68. The usual blessing at the end is omitted in this Message.
Divine Appeal 189
69. It is not clear why some of these later messages do not end with the usual blessing as was the case with earlier messages.
Divine Appeal 191
70. This Appeal concerns the faith of those "innocent souls" Divine Appeal, 8th May 1988. They are simple souls who could easily be misled by the clever and learned. Their faith is to be protected. The Church, too, is to be defended by Friends of Jesus.
Divine Appeal 192
71. The customary blessing is omitted in this Message. From now until the end of 1988, there are a few messages recorded. There was a break. However in 1989, Sr. Anna resumed writing. The 1989/90 messages will be included in a second edition.
Divine Appeal 193
72. The usual blessing at the end is not recorded here.
Divine Appeal 194
73. The usual benediction at the end is omitted in this Message.
Divine Appeal 196
74. It is not clear why some of these later Messages do not end with the customary blessing.
1991 Messages
77 The 1991 Messages Cf. Fn. 24; Divine Appeal 39 The prayer to the Adorable Jesus was given within this period.


찬양 : 성만찬 말씀 천지창조와 어린양 새예루살렘성과 그리스도의 편지 개신교 찬송 김풍운 목사 찬양 카톨릭 미사 떼제 미사

- Missio Agni Dei - "Adore My Divine Sacrament and offer it to My Eternal Father, so that it may serve the salvation of souls." (Divine Appeal 34)
아미지가 : 자라나는 아이들의 미래를 지키고 가꾸는 하나님의 사람들